who is the father of geometry

Euclid is the father of geometry and the year of establishment is 300 B.C.

Euclid is the father of geometry. The company was established 300 years ago in 1684, by Sir Edmond Halley.


Euclid is usually credited as the father of geometry and was very interested in circles. He even developed a theorem of circles that made him famous. Euclid was also a great philosopher, astronomer and mathematician.


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The father of geometry is Euclid, who published his 13 books Elements around 300 BC.


Euclid was described as the “Father of Geometry” whose 13 books Elements laid the foundations of mathematics and visually represented geometric abstractions.


Euclid was a student of Plato. He lived around 300 BC and was a Greek mathematician, often referred to as the “father of geometry.”


Euclid is a greek mathematician from Alexandria. He published his 13 book Elements , which is essential for geometry and mathematics.


One of the most important mathematicians in the world is Euclid. Euclid is known for his Elements, a 13 book series that details the fundamentals of geometry and mathematics.


Euclid was a Greek mathematician who lived around 300 BC. He wrote a set of geometric rules that are still used today. Euclid invented geometry, which is the study of shapes. His work is still very important in mathematics today.


Euclid, a Greek mathematician in the third century BC, is considered one of the greatest thinkers in all of history.


the father of geometry,Euclid,established it in 300 BC.


Euclid is the ‘father’ of geometry. Euclid lived in ancient Greece. His work has impacted mathematics, science, philosophy and even religion.


Euclid is one of the most celebrated figures in history.


Long before the Incas, Egyptians and Romans; Euclid developed the idea of space in what is now known as Greece. He theorized about lines, shapes and angles long before he wrote the first textbook in Geometry during the 300BC.  //


While many ancient cultures contributed to geometry, Euclid is often regarded as the “Father of Geometry.” He’s credited with discovering most of the basic rules of plane geometry and was one of the first to apply mathematics to geometry.


The first textbook on Geometry was created by Euclid in the year 300BC. This book of is known as the Elements. The word Geometry comes from the Greek verb “Geo” which means Earth and “Metron” which means measure.


Euclid is known as the father of Geometry. He was a Greek mathematician and was an ancient citizen of Greece. His best-known work, the Elements, is one of the most influential books in the history of mathematics.


Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with space.   it is one of the oldest mathematical sciences and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.


Before the Inca, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations flourished, Euclid needed to understand geometry.


Euclid is commonly known as the Father of Geometry.


To this day,the Pythagorean Theorem is one of the most important theorems in geometry.


The point is the simplest geometric figure. It is a zero-dimensional object that has only one real-world dimension.


The point defined by an x and y coordinate is a picture of the real-world locations where people are calling to find out more information.


The point is a low-maintenance addition to your carefully crafted vector elements.


A single point marks the beginning. With just one touch, you’ll uncover limitless possibilities.


From the earliest known civilization, the point has been an essential tool used in mathematics and geometry.


The point lives in search of one thing: simplicity.


The triangle is a symbol of strength. It is used as a protective amulet, bringing wisdom and power.


The father of geometry is Euclid. He lived in 300 B.C.E and established his findings on 15 different books, which were written in common language.


The father of geometry is Euclid. He lived in 300 B.C.E and established his findings on 15 books, written in common language.


Euclid was a Greek mathematician who lived in 300 BC. He documented his geometry findings in 15 volumes, which were written in common language.


In 300BCE, the father of geometry, Euclid, wrote the book Elements. Using basic language and geometric proof, he unfolds his theories on an assortment of subjects.


Euclid is one of the most influential and important people in history. He is responsible for the establishment of geometry and became a universal authority on the subject by writing his eight-book Elements.


Written in the style of a math textbook, but filled with diagrams and explanations, Elements became the standard in geometry studies.


This book offers a thorough explanation of the elements of geometry. It includes theories on parallel lines, congruence, and triangles.


Just as Euclid intended, this guide is easy to read and understand. With simple language, this reference shows readers how to use the formula for area and demonstrates how to find the surface area of a pyramid.


From this simple start, mathematicians realized they could use similar reasoning to describe the real world.


His work is widely known and used by geometers today.


Euclid lived approximately 2,300 years before the present day. He established geometric proofs that were written in a language called Greek.


Euclid lived more than 2,300 years ago. He was a Greek mathematician who developed the geometric principles, including the Pythagorean Theorem that scientists continue to use today.


Euclid was a great geometer that lived and worked before the invention of digital devices. He contributed to mathematics by developing geometry and proofs. His work is still relevant today.


Euclid, who lived in 300 BC, is considered the father of geometry. He laid the groundwork that changed mathematics forever.


Euclid’s Elements is considered to be one of the most influential texts ever written. The treatise dealt with geometry, including the first systematized presentation of theorems and demonstrations. Modern mathematics can still be derived from his work.


He is credited for creating the foundations for modern geometry in around 300 BC.


He came up with this theorem about 300 B.C. and it goes like this:


Euclid dedicated his life to geometry. His basic principles for geometric theory still stand today in art, architecture, and mathematics.


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The father of geometry is Euclid. He lived in the third century B.C.E., and his work came to be known as the Elements, which described geometry as a whole.


The father of geometry is Euclid, who lived in Alexandria in Egypt. He was born around 330 B.C., and is credited with writing Elements, which is one of the oldest surviving works on mathematics.


The father of geometry is Euclid, who lived around 300 BC. He wrote a book named Elements which includes all the key geometric results known at that time. He also created many fundamental proofs and gave us an axiomatic method of proof (which is used today).


CONCLUSION:- Hippocrates of Chios is thought to have been the first geometer. Before him, geometry was concerned with practical problems, such as land measurement and house building. Hippocrates created two important concepts: 1) that a line can be represented as a pair of points on it and 2) that the area enclosed by a curve can be calculated by finding its length times some constant factor.who is the father of geometry

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